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Every day, millions of credit cards are swiped around the world. Millions of people are in debt, completely unaware of how they could change their life around. Now imagine a completely different scenario where your credit card spending leads to free vacations and trips. With the vast majority of the world using debit cards and other forms of payment, every individual should realize that money is being left on the table- EVERY DAY! Businesses don't even realize the savings they are missing out on!

It is my goal to help my readers and the general public to acquire this financial literacy to help them improve their lives and their financial habits in my blog. 

Personally, having consulted for many small businesses, I have seen how old-school methods such as checks are still relevant. Individuals, alike, are leaving money on the table. 

Changing my habits, I have been able to recoup this money and educate others on this important topic!


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