• Aditya Bagaria

American Express Blue Business Cash credit card review!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020


This is the introductory business credit card offered by American Express. It is different from the Blue Business Plus card in that it offers cash back rather than points.

Annual Fee: $0

What type of earning do I get?

2% on all purchases up to $50,000 per calendar year.

1% after the first $50,000 spent


This card doesn’t have any major benefits that are worth raving about.


This is a no-fee credit card, yet it still offers a ton of value. The value comes from the 2% cashback. Countless businesses don’t spend above $50,000 on merchandise or other spend. While there are a few cards that earn more cashback if used properly, 2% is one of the highest-earning cashback cards. What stings is the $50,000 limit. The Capital One Spark Cash card has no limit and offers 2% as well. While this card has no annual fee, I would stay away from this card as there are better offerings out there.