• Aditya Bagaria

Bank of America Travel Rewards credit card review!


This is the introductory travel rewards credit card offered by Bank of America.

Annual Fee: $0

What type of earning do I get?

No tier: 1.5 points per dollar if you don’t hold any status with Bank of America

Gold tier: 1.875 points per dollar

Platinum tier: 2.25 points per dollar

Platinum Honors tier: 2.625 points per dollar


This card offers no benefits worth raving about.


At no annual fee, Bank of America is trying to lure travelers with this card offering. However, I would still stay away because even though you earn 2.625 points per dollar spent on an unlimited basis, these points can ONLY be redeemed for travel purchases.

This card doesn’t make sense even if you are a Platinum Honors status holder. I would rather go earn the same amount of points on the Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card and have the ability to choose where I want the money to go – either travel or my bank account!