• Aditya Bagaria

How long do American Express transfers take?

American Express Membership Rewards points is a transferable points currency. Transferring can take valuable time which may end up in you losing that award seat to someone else or revenue management. We’ve outlined a post that shows how long the transfer takes from American Express!


When you see that award seat, it's best to book it right away (especially if it’s a rare seat such as Qantas business class). While most transfers are instant, some programs like ANA require 48 hours which can be valuable time that is lost. Additionally, if you are booking a last-minute award seat, you can’t wait for the points to transfer! If the airline allows holds (like Virgin Atlantic Flying Club), then take advantage of it. This buys time for you to get other plans straight before you commit to booking!

Bottom line:

Book the award seat as soon as possible or put it on hold if the points don’t show up instantly!