• Aditya Bagaria

Reader question: what if I am debt-averse?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020


There is a method-to-the-madness in this game. What are we doing here? We are essentially taking what we do in our regular lives (spending money 😊) and getting a “discount.” But this requires intense financial literacy. Regardless of whatever your credit-score is, YOU DO NOT WANT TO CARRY A BALANCE! Credit card companies earn their living off the interest YOU pay them from carrying a balance. Treat a credit-card like a debit card. Is my bank account able to support this purchase? The rewards are worthless if you aren’t able to properly manage your finances. Anyone in this game needs to realize that even household spending can lead to big rewards.

This is more about a mindset. It’s not debt if you are able to pay your credit card in full and on-time. If you spend normally, you will never ever notice the difference. The only place you will see is the growing stash of rewards (either points or cashback). These strategies don’t require anyone to go into debt. It’s more about being educated on what is out there on these important financial skills (something college DOES NOT teach you)!

If you master the skills in this blog, you will benefit from the free vacations or extra cash in the bank!


  1. Don’t go into debt.

  2. Before every purchase, ponder this question: would I use my debit card here?

  3. Exercise financial literacy. That $1,000 TV may sound AMAZING, but are you going into debt to buy it?

  4. Have fun! Most people (55.4% of Americans) still use debit cards. Spread the word and reap the rewards. It is about changing habits and mindset. There is no other effort required on your part.